#mindset #control money wealth May 23, 2022
Wealth and Mindset

Very often when we talk about wealth, we're only talking about money, or we have a set vision about money and what it means to accumulate wealth.

But when I'm using the word wealth, I'm talking about wealth in your relationships. I'm talking about wealth in your mindset; wealth in regards to your career and the things around you; wealth of your health and well-being. So when I'm using the term wealth, I'm talking collectively about all of those different areas.

This is a topic I’ll be discussing in more detail at my upcoming Workshop – where we examine both the wealth of your mindset, and also wealth in a monetary sense. This workshop is going to be run by myself and Ian Rodriguez from Pioneer investments. And we're going to be talking about a whole range of mindset plus financial strategies that you can use to increase your income, reduce your debt and look at some investment possibilities that you may not have considered before now.

So if you're interested in really getting a handle on your money situation through 2022, then this workshop is specifically for you, it's going to be held on the Central Coast in Tuggerah. And all of the details that you need about the workshop are right here in the link.