Group Training and Workshops

Ignite growth in yourself, your team, and your organisation with our specialist group workshops and training.

Being More Humans’ range of specialised group training and workshop packages empower businesses, organisations, and groups of like-minded individuals to invest in their potential. We custom-developed these sessions based on our extensive 20 plus years of experience in helping businesses to grow and flourish by embracing the human potential of their teams.

We carefully design each session to ensure attendees learn new skills, refresh their mindset, improve their knowledge and grow as individuals. A Being More Human workshop will benefit organisational culture, but on a more personal level, they will enrich the lives of those who attend. Our values are central to everything that we as humans do. When those values align with the business then exceptional outcomes can be expected.

Organisational Development Group Sessions

Psychology of Performance

High performance in workplaces is always a desired goal. Learn about all of the different elements that contribute to this and how you can leverage the performance of your team.

Goal Setting and Planning

Goal setting and planning requires the development of achievement thinking. This is what allows you to deliver results, generate outcomes, and get the job done. This training will show you how to place yourself into that mindset.

Coaching Your Team

Coaching your team is a truly altruistic endeavour if you genuinely wish to help others become all they can be this workshop is for you. You will learn how to coach, mentor, and support your team, colleagues, and family.

Creating an Exceptional Team

Exceptional teams are more creative, innovative, and productive than average teams. In this workshop, you will learn the five success factors required to create an exceptional team.

Personal Development Group Sessions

Self-Care Matters

If you are the kind of person who believes that focussing on yourself is selfish, you need to readjust your thinking. Focussing on yourself allows you to support others, be a reliable family member and contribute to society. This workshop will teach you some tips on how to do this.

Your Personal Values

Your values are central to everything that you do. To live your best life all of your decisions and actions should be aligned with your personal values. In this workshop, you will learn what happens in your life if those things are not aligned.

Brave Conversations

Some people find it difficult to engage in tricky conversations with friends colleagues or teammates. This workshop gives you specific tools and strategies for you to be able to speak confidently or with anyone on any topic.

Making Tough Decisions

Developing confidence in your decision-making can be difficult. In this workshop, you will learn a number of strategies that will help you more confidently and calmly make the most difficult of decisions.

Financial Development Group Sessions

Cashflow and Budgeting

Budget and cash flow are the two critical success factors for any business. This workshop will take you through the essentials and a plan to move forward.

Growing Your Wealth

Financial freedom and empowering yourself to build your wealth are vital. Building your wealth can be a sustainable way to leave your legacy.

Money Mindset

Mindset is central to all elements of life. Our success or otherwise with money predominantly relies on our relationship with money. Learn about which mindset you and your team have in relation to money.

Training and Development Workshops

Our workshop and training sessions offer a wide range of topics, covering everything from organisational development to financial literacy and personal development.

Each session will provide an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques that can be applied both in and outside of the work environment. Attendees will leave with actionable goals and the skills and tools to achieve them.

Group Training and Workshops

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