The Money Plan 

Managing your money and learning to be smart about all things Financial, is one of the most important skill sets of life. It is also not something taught readily in schools. Often as an adult, we must seek out a program or education to provide guidance to us on this topic.

That’s why we have created; The Money Plan.

According to our Research and Measurement, Money is the one area of life that people struggle with more commonly than the other areas. People can be shy to discuss it, they can feel stressed by any conversations regarding it.

Some people prefer to be in denial and know nothing about their financial situation. Money problems are the number one cause of friction in relationships and families. In short, learning how to have a positive relationship with money is a critical life skill.

How is Michelle Different?

Take a look at this previous interview where Michelle speaks on this topic.

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The Money Plan will help you to:

  • Know where you are financially
  • Understand how you got into this financial position
  • Appreciate the hazards of the Money journey
  • Consolidate your situation so you can move forward

This will increase your life satisfaction by:

  • Increasing your confidence with money.
  • Not dreading it every time money is discussed.
  • Being easily able to afford the lifestyle that you choose.
  • Understanding your relationship with money
  • Not feeling stressed about money conversations
  • Being able to fund development opportunities within your business
  • Knowing and seeing investment opportunities at your level

Money Plan Coaching

The Money Plan is a monthly coaching session, spread over 6 months supported by an online Facebook Group.

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There are no other money products like this. The ongoing support of 6 months of coaching in a small group of around 8 people,  is uniquely designed to ensure that you get 1:1 time with the coach. Plus, the benefits of participating in a small group allows for shared experiences.

You will easily see a return on this investment, month on month as you progress through the program.

The Money Plan Coaching Group is $100 per person, per month.

Included is access to the Facebook Group, called The Money Plan for group coaching.

When you implement the strategies, tools and tips in the workshop and in the one on one sessions you will immediately begin to see results in your personal and professional finances.

The Money Plan assists you to plan where you are in your financial journey now and set targets for where you want to be in 12 months time. The monthly coaching sessions are focused on accountability to ensure that you work on your plan.

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The Money Plan is brought to you by Ian Rodrigues & Michelle Crawford.

A little about Ian Rodrigues

A little about Mr Ian Rodrigues

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Newcastle; Masters of Taxation; Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia; Fellow, Tax Institute of Australia and Registered Tax Agent. Past NSW State Chairman, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (now CAANZ) and member of Tax Institute of Australia.

Ian has advised clients and assisted in their property transactions for more than 25 years. This has ranged from small residential developments to resort developments, major land subdivisions and rural land rezoning and subdivision. He has been involved in commercial property portfolios and property syndicates.


A little about Michelle Crawford

Michelle is a mum of 4 kids, business owner, partner and so much more! She has HR qualifications at an Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. In her life, she has connected with literally millions of people in over 50 countries. The thing that always strikes her is no matter where we are on the planet people want love, connection, meaningful work and to feel as though their life matters.

She loves writing, Speaking, and Facilitating.

A little about Ian Rodrigues

The Money Plan is really a no brainer!

So much support, advice, help on your money journey delivered in such a convenient, flexible way.



Working with the money plan team was a valuable lesson in refocussing. I didn’t realise I had so many subtle blocks to receiving money, that were highlighted through the mindset part of the programme with Michelle.

It was great to hear Ian’s insights and grounded principles around budgeting and investment, along with specifics in the 1-1 discovery session.  It gave me the tools to ask the right questions when it comes to my overall money plan.


The money plan was a great mix of mindset coaching and straight up money behaviour truths for creating a better relationship with money.

After this programme I am less afraid of money and feel more in control of managing my money than I have ever been. 

I feel like a real grown up!


Thankyou Michelle and Ian.

The Money Plan has changed my mindset in so many ways around money.

The tools and guidance has given me the confidence to take action straight away. I have been able to improve my immediate situation and also plan towards the next 5/10 & 15 years to plan for the rest of my life and ensure that I feel financially secure.

It’s never too late. The group was fellow students at all different stages of their life, and we were all able to implement strategies no matter what age or what financial situation they are in. The key is to just start and take responsibility.

I am truly blessed.


The money plan helped me to get a grip on my finances and helped so much with my mindset. Not just around money, but in general.  I have gained so much from being a part of this group.

There were people at all levels of their money journey, from those just starting to learn how to easily implement a budget (me) to those who were investing in properties and learning about the different strategies.  Each person there  brought something to  the group that really  helped.   

Since finishing the  money plan I have  stopped  procrastinating on  creating and sticking  to a budget and  changed my 'its too  hard' mindset. 

Through small steps  and improved  mindfulness practices  I am moving towards  having a better  relationship with  money and will start  planning for a  financially abundant  retirement with much  more ease than I ever thought was  possible."

It was great to hear Ian’s insights and grounded principles around budgeting and investment, along with specifics in the 1-1 discovery session.  It gave me the tools to ask the right questions when it comes to my overall money plan.

Take control of your money now!