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Our Story

Being More Human is the brainchild of Michelle Crawford, an entrepreneur, thought leader and philanthropist with a passion for bringing positive change to organisations and individuals, empowering them to embrace their human potential. Over her 20 plus years of experience in fostering corporate culture to create environments where humans can thrive, Michelle discovered a disturbing truth - modern businesses are losing their humanity!

Michelle handpicked a small but dedicated team of like-minded, visionary thinkers who together seek to empower individuals and organisations to be more human in everything they do. This collaboration of experienced specialists with diverse skillsets and backgrounds make Being More Human truly unique amongst Australia’s corporate coaching, training and development providers.

Leave Your Comfort Zone, Be a Better You, Transform Your Business, Influence Your World

This book is a journey into human behavior that teaches and empowers readers to be more human, in the workplace, at home, and with themselves.

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Our Mission

Mission: To help people and organisations become more human. We are a bespoke system for change that ignites and transforms people, purpose and profit.

The time has come for us to stop looking at numbers and figures in pursuit of results and instead start genuinely focusing on human beings. People have unique needs, wants and desires and when we start taking care of them, the rest will take care of itself.

We are here to help executives become better leaders, teams to become more aligned and individuals to embrace their potential. Our aim is to educate, challenge, motivate, inspire and transform through our range of resources, products, tools, and methodologies in combination with our team’s unique skill-sets and passion to produce an effective way to bring positive and sustainable change.

We help our clients to reap the significant benefits that go hand in hand with the empowerment of human beings. Benefits like courageous leadership, higher staff engagement, lower staff turnover, greater financial understanding, a more constructive culture and as a result, greater efficiencies, productivity and of course profit!.

While the journey begins with creating conversations to trigger the change needed, we are also forging our path to the bigger picture. Envisaging our impact through the global ripple effect of massive social and corporate change.

Specialists in Human Led Strategy

At Being More Human we approach things a little differently from your average coaching and training company. Our methodology incorporates leading practices in human psychology with our unmatched experience in improving the performance of corporate teams to create holistic and sustainable positive change.

Meet Our Coaches

Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI)

Our coaches work with Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI), which is an organisational tool that uses both self-assessment and colleague feedback to identify individual thinking and behavioural styles. By providing insights into strengths and areas for development, our team of specialist coaches will empower individuals and teams to achieve their goals.

Organisational Culture Inventory™

If you want to objectively measure your organisation’s culture, this is the way to do it. Culture affects nearly every element of a business and is the one idea that can positively impact all the business metrics. By systematically improving an organisation through each of its layers, we are able to create a culture of continuous improvement and alignment around shared goals.

Human Synergistics

Human Synergistics develops a positive workplace culture and leaders through team-building activities and employee assessments. At Being More Human we are trained and experienced Human Synergistics consultants who can help you to implement the change you seek.

Mind (Re) Set Model

The Mind (Re) Set Model is a customisable system developed in house by Michelle Crawford and the Being More Human team. Based on a lifetime of observation and experience Michelle developed this proprietary system that outlines the 5 categories of mindset ( Sufferer, Survivor, Passenger, Driver, and Thriver)

Life is not linear. We regularly and grow, shift and change, progress and regress. Take our Mindset Quiz today to learn about your current mindset, as well as gain practical ideas about exactly how to challenge that mindset!

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