alignment Nov 20, 2023

In my world I've always valued alignment.

It's something I've always pursued in relationships, in any kind of strategic partnerships, collaborations with other people.

Recently it's become even more evident to me that sometimes the conversations that you have about the future and your goals and what you'd like to achieve just have to be had with the right person.

Sometimes the conversations that we are having are the right conversations, but they're not being had with the right person.

When you have the exact same conversation but with the right person who's more on a similar wavelength to you, then exponential change can happen as a result of that.

Is there something that you have been wanting to achieve a goal or an ambition or an intention that you've been leaning into that you've got some kind of resistance around?

This tells me that you're not speaking to the right people, and you need to speak to other people that are more aligned within that system to what you are.

When you actually have an experience of being in alignment with another person, everything is easy, everything is flow, everything is smooth, everything just happens very naturally and you don't feel like you're having to push or hustle or make things happen.

Check in in and around your own life:

What are you in alignment with? 

What's flowing? 

What's smooth? 

What's working really well? 

Or alternatively, what's kind of sticky and icky and clunky and not working very well and is a sign to be a bit more creative and look at other people that you might be able to connect with to have that same conversation with?

Then just watch what happens!