Executive Coaching

Empowering executives and leaders to find and embrace their potential, energise performance and accelerate career growth!

Being More Human specialise in empowering high-performing executives and leaders to achieve their goals with our customised executive coaching services. Our coaching strategy looks to amplify your leadership impact, energise your human connections, and guide behavioural change to maximise your leadership success and team productivity.

* Discover new ways of thinking and behaving

* Improve team effectiveness 

* Manage stress, pressure, and change

* Set and achieve your own goals

* Apply flexible and creative thinking

* Improve your interpersonal relationships

* Increase your personal effectiveness

* Accelerate career growth

Meet your executive coach

 Hi, I’m Being More Human’s lead executive coach Michelle Crawford. I bring my 20 plus years of experience in providing executive guidance, leadership development, recruitment support, and strengthening the culture of organisations to each coaching session.

 I have handpicked a small but dedicated team of specialists to ensure each and every one of my clients can find the growth and success they are looking for. Renowned for their experience, professionalism, and compassion, my team and I have collectively raised the bar for what executive coaching is, and the powerful results it can achieve.

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What can executive leadership coaching achieve for you?

Our executive leadership coaching services will give you self-awareness, focus, and the tools and strategies you need to make transformational, sustainable, and positive changes for yourself, your team, and others.

Our specialist coaches will help you to discover effective ways to approach new challenges, overcome problems and engage with others, giving you an increased sense of confidence, knowledge, and awareness of boundaries, decreased aggression, and a greater ability to innovate, prioritise and manage energy.

Through self-development in our coaching services, your company will be better equipped to inspire people to bring their best to work and benefit from authentic, meaningful, holistic, and sustainable results.

Our executive coaching process

Being More Human's executive coaching services provide leaders with a holistic understanding of their leadership strengths and behaviours. Our experienced mentors will explore your challenges, uncover what drives you and provide a greater level of self-awareness.

Our executive coaching process is rooted in the belief that leadership is a learned skill and not an innate trait. We work with you to amplify your specific strengths and identify any areas of improvement. Together we set measurable goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve them.

We provide a supportive environment for you to explore new ways of thinking about yourself and help you work through personal blocks. Our executive coaching process will help you better manage stressors that affect your productivity enabling you to focus on what matters, make more effective decisions, and lead with confidence.

Executive coaching in 3 steps

  1. Life Styles Inventory™ 1 (LSI1) (self-description): The individual self-assesses their thinking styles, personal effectiveness, and satisfaction at work and home.
  2. Life Styles Inventory™ 2 (LSI2) (others’ descriptions): Up to 12 of the focal individual's peers, managers, and/or subordinates provide feedback on their behaviour and effectiveness.
  3. Review and Feedback: The data collected in these surveys is processed electronically. The results of the two are compared to identify the individual’s confirmed strengths, unrecognised strengths, blind spots, and stumbling blocks. The results and our recommendations are then presented to the individual in a comprehensive, confidential report that we deliver as part of a debrief.

What our clients are saying

"At a time when I was feeling pressured by mounting deadlines, scarce resources and Covid-19 restrictions and authority demands: the last thing I thought I needed was someone organizing me with new performance outcomes. How wrong was I! The coaching process begun with what turned out to be a most useful tool: the Life Styles Inventory. Self-knowledge is the opportunity to address areas in my personal and relational life that may be weak, destructive or enhance those qualities that can flourish even more. In other words, the coach assisted me in my managing my decisions about my life and what gives me life and what may render me a slave of my previous hidden weakness or blind spots. The goals that were set were negotiated and were mine, although the coach encouraged me to stretch my goals a bit higher. They were all achievable within the time frame that was reasonable. The outcome from these seemly simple goals fare outweighed any effort that was required. My coach was Michelle Crawford whose insight, style of address and encouragement was highly professional and effective. I would invite anyone who wishes to attain an active focus on their development to consciously achieve a more rounded and effective way of caring for self, relating and working with others to enter into the Coaching Process." - Kevin Gadd

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