Michelle Crawford - Keynote Speaker

Michelle is unashamedly obsessed with creating massive, positive social impact through the power of spoken word.

Michelle Crawford has delivered numerous keynote presentations for organisations of all sizes throughout Australia and internationally. Drawing from her 20 plus years of experience in the corporate sphere, Michelle effortlessly entertains, inspires, and educates her audiences in her role as a keynote speaker, orator, and chief conversationalist at Being More Human.

Michelle’s innate ability to connect on a human level allows her to consistently breakthrough to her audience and deliver her powerful, thought-provoking, life-changing message. Topics Michelle’s keynote presentations cover can include:

* Mindset Mastery - Becoming a Thriver

* Creating Exceptional Teams

* Your Personal Vision

* Being The Best Leader

* Increase Your Confidence

* Change Your Career

Meet your Keynote Guest Speaker

At the age of 21, Michelle Crawford was bringing humanitarian aid to war-torn zones across the globe, such as Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, Kosovo, and Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

Michelle would go on to find huge success in the corporate world as the brain behind Being More Human. Drawing on the lessons learned from her humanitarian efforts Michelle has uncovered the secrets of mindset and how to leverage it to help humans reach their full potential.

Her 20 plus years of experience in helping organisations and individuals to thrive led Michelle to develop the Mindset Mastery Model – a method by which people can train themselves to shift their thought processes out of the ‘sufferer’ mindset and progress through ‘survivor, passenger, and driver’ up to the ultimate goal of having a ‘thriver’ mindset.

Corporate Guest Speaker

“20 years of experience in providing guidance, leadership development, recruitment support and strengthening the culture in organisations across 20 industries has shown me one truth – modern businesses are losing their humanity”.

Michelle has an understanding of corporate organisational culture and human relationships that most can only dream of. Michelle deftly wields her passion and experience through her speaking engagements to engage employees and clients with fresh ideas that challenge and inspire.

Michelle is available as a corporate speaker for events, conventions, and meetings in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond.

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Comments from the audience

Annika Jamieson

"Michelle has a contagious passion for empowering people, backed by years of experience in everything to do with culture building, leadership development, HR and strategic planning."

Jennylee Taylor

"Michelle's different approach allowed me to hone in on my message and get clearer about my purpose and values. Highly recommended!"

Melanie First

"Michelle was engaging and I left with a confidence in myself after listening to her speak. You can feel her genuine interest and care for the people around her and that in itself is quite inspiring."

Chief Conversationalist • HR Guru • Entrepreneur • Public Speaker • The Ultimate Mum

Michelle has been recognised amongst the community and industry for her profound contribution both to the corporate world and to her much-loved charities. However perhaps one of her proudest achievements is the award she has received for being the world’s best mum. She even has the mug to prove it!

Michelle’s credentials include:

  • Masters in Social Ecology (Organisational Development)
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Human Resource Management & Human Relations/Communication)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Lifetime Accreditation in LSI and GSI (Human Synergistics)
  • Accreditation in Managerial and Executive Wellbeing Survey (MEWS)
  • Qualified Coaching and Performance Consultant (Chris Howard Training)
  • Certification in Myers-Briggs
  • Convener of the Newcastle Network for the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).
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