Introducing Being More Human Wellbeing

If you care for your people, they will care for your business.

Introducing Being More Human Money!
That's why we've collaborated to bring you the Being More Human - Wellbeing programme.

Michelle brings together a team of human resource and organisational development experts, to increase humanity in the workplace through kindness, psychological consulting, and deep, transformational change for organisations, teams and individuals.

This personalised, holistic training program is designed to cover every aspect of life, focusing on, and enhancing psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial wellbeing. The Way to Being Well Program is designed to create experiences that inspire mindset shifts, ignite the desire to do things more effectively and enhance performance in the way we work.

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Jennylee Taylor

Find your strength, overcome your overwhelm, reclaim your inner power so you can wholly meet life with joy, ease and resilience.


Michelle Crawford

A fast thinking, deep talking, chief conversationalist who is afraid of nothing. Michelle's objective is clear and her message futuristic.

Become a "Well Being"

Whether you’re looking to grow in your career, grow as a leader or simply grow as a human being, our specially designed range of personal development courses will empower you with a range of skills including; confident communication, goal setting, journaling for abundance, manifestation, overcoming challenges and much much more.

If you are ready to focus on your personal and professional development, but are not sure where to start - book in for a quick chat with Michelle to discuss your options and find the ideal fit for you and your lifestyle.

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Being supported in your workplace, flows in to your personal life.

So - decide that for the rest of the year, you will make it a priority to put yourself at the top of your list because you are well worth the investment!

And now is the best time, right?

The ‘The Clear Way to Control’ is only one part of our broader "Way to Being Well" program, and has been responsible for hundreds of people, just like you and your team, regaining clarity, and control of their personal and professional lives.

It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step. But honestly - it doesn’t have to be that hard.

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In this training module 'The Clear Way to Control’ you will learn:

  • How to focus on what you can control
  • How to make better choices and decisions
  • Three practical steps to get you back in the driver’s seat
  • How to win back more time and energy

So, you can claim back your power starting today, with our FREE module!

You just have to START, and we will do the rest together.

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