Human Power

Human power is work or energy that is produced from the human body. It can also refer to the power of a human. Power comes primarily from muscles, but body heat is also used to do work like warming shelters, food or other humans.

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Human Power was formed by Alexandria Joy and Michelle Crawford to be a platform, conduit and activator to support the coming together of individuals, businesses, not for profits and government to create initiatives, hold events and conduct projects supporting the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Since founding Human Power in 2016 they have conducted annual events in the areas of Homelessness, Diversity and Inclusion, World Happiness and during the Covid-19 challenges, the Superhuman Summit, all to show the power of community, the resilience of humans and the collective conscious raising that can be achieved.


Alexandra Joy (AJ)

AJ is a workplace futurist and company culture architect who prepares leaders for the future world of work.


Michelle Crawford

A fast thinking, deep talking, chief conversationalist who is afraid of nothing. Michelle's objective is clear and her message futuristic.

It’s time to start having conversations and making changes, together.

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