Leadership as we know it is essentially three  dimensional. It hasn’t evolved or transformed for decades.

The universe is multidimensional.

Humans are multidimensional.

If we are to evolve for the future of humanity, transcendence is required. What we need now is five dimensional leadership. We need conscious human leadership.

Are you prepared to evolve to the next dimension?

Are you ready to take 100% accountability for yourself and your approach to how you lead and create followers?

Then the Conscious Human Leadership Program is the lever to support you ascending to a higher level.

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We will be focusing on the 4 "constructive" styles from the LSI Human Synergistics tools:

  • Achievement
  • Self-Actualising
  • Humanistic/ Encouraging
  • Affiliative

Your facilitators for these sessions will be Michelle Crawford, Alexandra Joy, Jennylee Taylor and Xanthe Addison.

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Topic Schedule

  • 29 July 2022, First Call, Introduction,
  • 04 August 2022, Self-Awareness, Xanthe Addison
  • 11 August 2022, Trust, Jenny-Lee Taylor 
  • 18 August 2022, Personal Truth (recording not available), Xanthe Addison
  • 25 August 2022, Thinking, Michelle Crawford
  • 01 September 2022, Empathy, Michelle Crawford 
  • 08 September 2022, Belonging, Michelle Crawford 
  • 15 September 2022, Human Potential, Michelle Crawford
  • 22 September 2022, Public Holiday, Public Holiday
  • 29 September 2022, Energy, Jenny-Lee Taylor
  • 28 October 2022, N/A, Michelle Crawford 

Changed to Monthly - calls begin at 10am, Newcastle time. 

  • 25 November 2022, Building a Conscious Brand, Xanthe Addison
  • 27 January 2023, Motivation, Jenny-Lee Taylor
  • 24 February 2023, Owning Your Energy, Alexandra Joy
  • 31 March 2023, Organisational Culture, Michelle Crawford
  • 28 April 2023, Measuring & Reflecting on Outcomes, Xanthe Addison
  • 26 May 2023, Staying Calm Under Pressure, Jenny-Lee Taylor
  • 30 June 2023, Aligning Your Purpose & Values, Alexandra Joy
  • 28 July 2023, Future of Leadership, Michelle Crawford
  • 25 August 2023, Building agility and resilience into your business, Xanthe Addison
  • 29 September 2023, Being Your Best Self, Jenny-Lee Taylor
  • 27 October 2023, Can you be Professional & Spiritual? Alexandra Joy
  • 24 November 2023, Building an Exceptional Team, Michelle Crawford

Leadership in 2022 and beyond is a whole new ball game.

The old rules of business no longer apply.

You cannot use the same tricks and same level of thinking and expect to get better results.

If you want to truly go deeper, faster, more connected, more meaningful and have a bigger impact in your workplace and the world then you need to develop the skills of the conscious human leader.

High performing, high vibe, winning corporate cultures are created through the inspiration of conscious human leaders. Importantly, great corporate cultures can’t be copied, and they don’t just happen by chance.

If this is beginning to resonate – then you’re in the right place, read on!

This business environment in 2022 and beyond calls for new creative, more resourceful ways of collaborating and communicating.

Leadership styles that have transpired in the past have collectively led us to where we are today and it’s imperative that each person, team, and corporation takes responsibility for creating a more regenerative future tomorrow.

How today’s leaders respond to the current organisational climate will make the difference between our survival or dissolution as a society and in business.

We believe that passive and aggressive styles of unconscious leadership can lead to power plays, aggression, even perfectionistic behaviour and detract from one’s ability to create an optimal future. This thinking is energy draining and costs a lot of time and resources.

Research from Human Synergistics, the creator of the Lifestyles Inventory, demonstrates to us that when leaders are aligned with this five dimensional conscious approach, the following organisational benefits occur:

  • Better Profits
  • Higher rates of Engagement
  • Better Organisational Culture Scores
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Workplace Conflict
  • Greater Collaboration
  • Increased Creativity
  • Lower Staff Turnover
  • Enhanced Staff Satisfaction
  • More likely to attract better employees and become an employer of choice

Congratulations! Your level of consciousness has risen just from reading this page. 


Welcome. Let’s start a conversation to help support your leaders to becoming more conscious today.

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Meet Your Facilitators


Jennylee has an innate interest in how people tick and believes that your life today is the culmination of every choice that you've made up until now, consciously or unconsciously.

Jennylee works with people to take responsibility, leading to transformational changes in their life.

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Michelle has 20 years of experience providing guidance, leadership development, recruitment support, and strengthening the culture in organizations across 20 industries has shown her one truth – modern businesses are losing their humanity. 

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Alexandra Joy

A ten times published author with a degree in Communications, a Grad Dip and an MBA in Professional Communication, AJ is also a meditation teacher and yoga therapist using ayurvedic medicine principles to help leaders heal themselves and their teams through their relationships and tribes at work.

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In this environment people are looking for extraordinary leadership that will support them to experience a mentally and financially safe, prosperous, and harmonious life.

Leaders who have a long term, holistic view, an  understanding of the  importance of everyone in their sphere of influence and an ability treat these individuals as part of the living system of their team or corporation, will ultimately attract many dedicated followers.

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