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For over 20 years Being More Human have helped businesses and organisations to maximise the potential of their human assets, paving the way to new levels of prosperity and success. We now bring that same experience, guidance and opportunity directly to you with our suite of specially developed online courses and training.

Each of our online courses and training systems has been meticulously designed by Michelle Crawford and her expert team with one goal, to help humans thrive! These courses cover a range of subjects that are critical to finding the success and prosperity you’ve been looking for, both in and outside of the workplace. These courses will develop your skills in leadership, communication, improve your ability to adapt to and overcome challenges, ignite self-empowerment, and set you on a path towards business and career growth.

Are you ready to take the reins and chart your own course to living your best life? Browse our suite of personal development courses and start your journey today!

Personal Development Resources

Online resource for anyone committed to keeping the momentum going in business and life.


Do you have so many thoughts you don’t know what to do with them? Do you experience mental fogginess and get lost when you are trying to work out what to focus on? Have you tried journaling but never stuck to it?

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Hopeful Humans

Light Up Your Future!

Experience your true self, remember your natural state, and shine a bright, guiding light into your future.

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Thriving Humans Club

An online resource for businesses owners, leaders, entrepreneurs and workers committed to keeping the momentum going in business and life.

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The Money Plan Coaching - 2022

Returning in 2022 by request, The Money Plan Coaching offers 6 months of monthly coaching, focusing on your own, specific Money Plan. We'll help you work on reducing debt, increasing income and increasing your financial literacy. Bonus features include working towards shifting your Money Mindset to being that of a Thriver.

$100.00 AUD x 6 monthly payments

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The Way to Being Well

This is all about your self-awareness, and personal development. We will encourage you to light that spark that keeps you inspired to make your health and wellbeing an integral part of your life.

$295.00 AUD

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Goal Setting

Goal setting involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal. Goal setting can be guided by goal-setting criteria (or rules) such as SMART criteria.

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What is manifestation exactly? Essentially, the manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, i.e. if you think it, and it will come. However, there is more to manifestation than willpower and positive thinking.

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Career Setting

Career consciousness is being aware of your career and the influences that affect it. Career conscious individuals think about what they want to achieve in their professional life and work out strategies to achieve it.

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What can executive leadership coaching achieve for you?

Personal growth is a lifelong commitment to learning, expanding your perspective and embracing a growth mindset. With the right frame of mind, skills and knowledge base you will become more confident, empowered and fulfilled at work, and in life.

Whether you’re looking to grow in your career, grow as a leader or simply grow as a human being, our specially designed range of personal development courses will empower you with a range of skills including; confident communication, goal setting, journaling for abundance, manifestation, overcoming challenges and much much more.

To live our best life all of our decisions and actions should be aligned with our personal values. These courses will help you to achieve a greater sense of alignment with the areas you love.

Online Learning

"Online learning is the future of education. If you want to be able to choose the time when you learn, choose what it is that you learn and choose how it is that you learn, then online learning is for you. You might be a busy parent, an entrepreneur, an employee or a business owner. Online learning allows you to learn at your own pace, around all your other life priorities. Give it a go we know you will love it!" - Michelle Crawford

Personal Development

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