Apr 13, 2023

Back in the day I used to be a generalist HR person and I thought that I wasn't selling.

I thought I didn't know how to sell,I didn't like selling, it wasn't a thing that I ever wanted to do.

How wrong I was!

Fast forward 25 years later, I now realise every single one of us are sales people.

You might be:

  • Selling the idea that your child should have breakfast before they go to school
  • Selling the idea of bringing a new policy into your organisation
  • Selling a physical product to someone
  • Selling as a HR manager or a line manager in the business
  • Selling an idea or a concept to the leadership team

Any time you try to influence another person, you are selling. 

If we choose to identify ourselves as salespeople, what then would we like to be selling? How would we like to be impacting people? What sort of influence would you like to have in relation to others?

For me with the work that we do at Being More Human, 100% of what we are selling is always around human potential.

It’s always about how we can find ways, tips, and tools to become even more effective than we currently are

We have a leadership summit coming up on the 28th of July all about people sharing their stories on their leadership and their culture journeys all around the Hunter region.

There has never been a summit quite like this before where you are profiling local leaders and hearing local stories about what has worked, what they might like to do differently.

For more information or to join us on the day, head here, and in the meantime, I hope you have a fun time selling whatever it is that you are selling today!