Are your purpose and your beliefs aligned?

abundantlife alignment beliefs goal setting journaling leadership personaldevelopment purpose selflimitingbeliefs writing Mar 22, 2021

I thought it would be useful to have a conversation about whether or not our beliefs are aligned with our purpose.

Many people don't feel like they've been able to identify their purpose. Some people feel like they've clearly identified their purpose, others don't.

Today's letter is for those who have a bit of an idea about why they're on the planet.

Now, that might not mean you have a whole purpose statement written somewhere. It might mean you know your purpose is about being the world's most amazing mum or being a great lawyer or a great accountant, whatever it is that you do.

Perhaps your purpose is all about helping people to become everything they can be.

You might have a purpose that's around healing other people.

Whatever it is, I'm going to assume you have some idea about what your purpose is or at least you're nudging toward it in some way in your life.

Imagine your purpose is to be a great speaker. You want to share your message, you believe your message is so important it will help other people to change and transform their lives.

You believe your purpose is to speak from the stage and yet, at the same time, you have a belief system that says you should not be seen.

These two things are not in alignment.

The core of your purpose is not going to change. The thing you need to change to align with your purpose is your belief.

In the example above, we would work with you to help you tap in, to shift and change that belief you have about not wanting to be seen.

Maybe your core purpose is to run a successful business, yet you have a belief that says you're not good with money.

That belief you currently have is undermining you and stopping you from achieving your purpose.

In this example, we would work with you to re-frame, reshape, and redevelop the beliefs that you have in and around money so that your belief that actually aligns with your purpose.

If your beliefs are out of line with your purpose, life feels clunky and difficult.

You feel like you've got all these problems and you're always concentrating on the things that are not working in your life.

Once you work through those beliefs and choose to hold and have different beliefs that actually perfectly align with your purpose, everything changes and you become more powerful than ever before.

So if you want to speak on stage, we can realign that belief system to say something like, "Speaking on stage is my favourite thing to do."

Stating, repeating and becoming comfortable and familiar with those words is a powerful way to help yourself create, support and align with your purpose.

I hope this helps you clear the beliefs you currently hold, and whether that's making it difficult or stopping you from aligning with your purpose.

If you really focus and achieve your purpose, you need to change your beliefs.

You don't have to figure it out on your own. You can work with a coach or someone else that can help support you.

There's a whole range of strategies out there that can help you align your beliefs with your purpose. One of my favourites is journaling.

I journal every day and one of the things that I do in my journaling practice is a rate change, reprogram, reshape any beliefs that I have that are out of line with my purpose.

My purpose is about having a massive social impact, so there's a whole range of beliefs that I choose to hold, to support that purpose.

Any time I realise I'm holding a belief that doesn't support it, I can change it, and the way I go about doing that is through journaling.

If you'd like to try journaling yourself, our Journaling for an Abundant Life program will walk you through how to do it.

It's a self-paced, online program that you can do at a time and pace that suits YOU. No tight deadlines, no set bar to reach in terms of actions and results. It's designed to fit with YOUR life and bring you the benefits YOU need.

We go through WHY journaling is so powerful, HOW to add simple journaling practise to your day, WHAT to write about, and we even give you prompts to get started.

It's time to align your beliefs with your purpose and journaling is a fantastic way to get started!

Click the link below to find out more and start your journaling practise today:

Journaling for an Abundant Life