Own Your Own Time

mindset time Oct 24, 2021

Time is a topic often discussed and we feel moved to have a conversation with you about it, from the lessons we have learnt and recent coaching we have done.

We have noticed that a lot of people operate with the belief that other people own their time, and eventually this mindset results in feeling like they have none left for themselves, doing more things with less time.

However, when you take a moment to stop and think rationally, you will be able to see that the only person that owns and can dictate your time and how its spent – is you!

The people who are around you are there because you have chosen to allow them to be there. If you are using your time with your friends and family, it is because you’ve chosen to give them that time. You have the overriding decision about who you spend your time on.

What we often do is place the responsibility of our time on other people, and if it is wasted we end up feeling resentful.

I’d like to challenge you to think ahead to your next day off. Think about all the ways you want to spend your time, and how you want to allocate each moment, and do it. You get to make the final choice about how you spend your moments.

If you start to feel bitter and resentful about how your time is being spent, then you need to take a moment to assess why you’re allowing it to be spent that way and change it.

Through working with our coaching team, we can help you with this and many other mindset hacks to improve your day to day life and how you approach each day.

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