My Most Memorable Christmas

news Jan 24, 2021
My Most Memorable Christmas

It might not be Christmas Day quite yet, but it is December, and surely any day of December can be a Merry Christmas kind of day. If you know me well, you’ll know I like to get in early for things. So in many ways, saying Merry Christmas, however many days we are out, its just a natural part of life.

Today I want to share with you a story about my most memorable Christmas. 

You could also say other things about this Christmas, but memorable it certainly was!

It was many years ago now, I think it was Christmas of 98. I was working in Rwanda in the capital city, Kigali. We were in the compounds of the Australian Army and we were just across the road from the armed forces of one of the rebel groups from the Rwanda side.

We were having a barbecue, relaxing, and what we didn’t realise was planned was that at midnight, on Christmas night, all of the people would point their rifles to the seat to the ceiling to the sky, and shoot their rifles all at the same time. So here we were, having a nice, relaxing sort of Christmas hangout, and suddenly, at midnight we heard all this unexpected gunfire!

Around that time there were also rumours about different things that were going to happen. Different kind of military, insurgents, and all the things that were going to be happening around the time of Christmas. So not only was the gunfire a surprise and a shock, people were starting to wonder if this was the start of those things that we had talked about.

That is definitely my most memorable Christmas!

I would love to hear about your most memorable Christmas too. What made it memorable? It might not be like mine, but you’ll have your own and there’ll be some reason that it’s memorable to you. So I’d love it if you could leave it in the comments of our live video this week – what it was that made your most memorable Christmas?

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