news Jan 24, 2021

Let’s talk about listening through as opposed to listening to. 

These two things are quite different.

Listening to infers that the only thing that you’re hearing is the words that are being said. You may be interpreting some of the body language people use when they’re communicating, but you’re not really going to the deepest layer of listening.

Listening through is about listening to the downloads that you get from God, the universe, higher beings in our world – however you define it.

As humans, we are so inherently distracted by the world around us. We’re distracted by what we see on Facebook, we’re distracted by what we see on YouTube, we’re distracted by watching television.  More than distracted, we’re actually programmed by those things.

The universe. God. Our higher self. When it is trying to communicate with us, it has a whole bunch of white noise to compete with. 

It’s really interesting because when you put yourself in situations where that white noise is less, like a walk in the bush, a relaxing drive without music, the moments when we are more silent, in prayer or in meditation, that’s when we can actually hear what is meant to be coming through for us.  

Sometimes those forms communicate in interesting ways. It can be a feather on the ground, it can be a bird that flies past us, it can be a comment that someone says that sticks in your mind. It can be a literal sign that you see somewhere on the side of the road that is meaningful to you.

Are we open to receiving that communication? Or are we closed off and not ready to listen to it? There’s no stop and start, no day off. They are always communicating with us and it is us that decide if we are open or closed to it.

One of the quickest ways to be closed to any of that kind of communication is to be… well, I’ll say the “B word”, because I’ve taken the word busy out of my vocabulary. But I hear other people saying it a lot, and the quickest way to be disconnected from your highest self, or not be able to hear what God’s trying to share with you, or not be in touch with the universe, is by being the “B word”.

You’re so busy paying attention to everything that’s going on around you that you’re not connected, you’re not in tune, you’re not on the same wavelength, you haven’t turned your dial to the setting you need to be on. You’re not listening through. 

Listening through happens when you are prepared to tune your dial and your vibration to the person (or the thing or the entity or God or the universe) that you want to listen to. It’s not them that has to change to attune to you, it’s you that needs to shift your vibration to the point where you can actually hear that.

The best way to shift your vibration is to be present in the moment, knowing that you are open and you are like a vessel. When you are open and waiting for wisdom, you will see that wisdom all around you.

You will notice a fork in the road. You will notice a stick on the ground. You will notice a particular kind of leaf. You will notice all of these different things that are communicating messages for you.

I encourage you to look into how to increase your vibration. There are many different ways to do it. You can do it through sound, you can do it through meditation, you can do it through your diet. Increase your vibration so that you are at the right spot on the dial, the right frequency, connected to the messages that are coming to you.

Go out there and have fun with this! Have fun with the idea of being connected. Have fun with the idea of noticing signs and wondering what they might mean. Keep in mind, there’s no such thing as an inherent meaning to a sign. I could see a sign and you could see a sign and they might mean very different things, even to two or three different people. The signs are very personal to you, and the only meaning that they have is the meaning that you choose to attribute to them.

Go out there and be very connected with your higher self. Be in tune. Do your prayer or meditation and be present, open and willing to receive.

You’ll be amazed at what the universe will communicate to you.