Are you too critical?

acceptance critical thinking mindset self love Aug 16, 2021
Being too critical

The easiest way to identify if you are too critical is to think about your day-to-day interactions. Are you quick to pick out what others do wrong? Are you always seeing the negative circumstances in moments? If you answered yes, then we would encourage you to read on!

Being overly critical of those around you demonstrates a lack of self-love, self-acceptance and self-nurture for oneself. In fact, the reality is that the criticism is showing a rejection of oneself rather than the person you are projecting onto.

Often people who think with such an overly critical manner do not realise what they are doing when they point out negative attributes consistently. Because of this it can be hard for someone who is quite critical to understand that this type of behaviour is an unreasonable way to behave.

Co-existing with people who are like this at work, whether it’s a colleague or manager, is not good for your health or theirs. It will reduce self-esteem and impact on workplace productivity.

Unlike healthy feedback, continued criticisms can take their toll. When they come from a negative place these criticisms are unjustified, unwarranted and are not useful. If you feel like you relate to this behaviour, it’s time to take a step towards adjusting this behaviour and improve your relationships.