Why us – Why Not?

news Jan 24, 2021
Why us – Why Not?

Many people have asked this question.  Why Us? Recently I was brainstorming with a friend and colleague on how we would collaborate to create social impact across the community we live in and call home.

We both felt as though we really wanted to make a difference in way that made best use of our skills sets.  We both know the things we are great at and the things we are really not good at!  Whatever we chose to do it needed to match our circle of control.  The things that were doable for us.

Many people experience great stress when they try to act outside their area of control.  The best example of this is other people.  Other people have needs, passions and desires and very often they are not aligned with yours.  If we try to control these we experience large degrees of stress.  Stress, in our lives was NOT something we wanted.  Hence, we had to focus our strengths.

So, we decided to focus on the things we were good at such as, bringing people together, having difficult conversations, working in industry’s where we quickly had to get an overview of what was working and what could be supported more moving forward, connecting people who needed each other to move forward and asking the tough questions!  This combined with a strong interest in global development at a local level, led to the initiative that we are giving birth to on Wed 21st September called Human Power.

Human Power is a brand for the people, by the people designed to have large social impact in a variety of areas.  Each different initiative links to a Global Development Goal.  We have chosen 8 that we believe most directly connect to our community and many of the challenges that we have within it.  We will always be acting in connection with any other initiatives in the community on the same topic.  We believe the inclusion of business and community voices into social challenges will provide a range of benefits to all involved.

Wed 21st September is Step One in an ongoing conversation that will have multiple people, objectives and social change influences in mind.

We decided on Homelessness first, purely and simply because we think it is up there with one of the trickiest issues.  Our conversations with many within the industry will attest to that.  It is a complex issue with multiple causes and most certainly no easy answer.  Sounds like the perfect challenge for Human Power to create further conversation about.

Human Power exists to give us all as humans an opportunity to contribute to the discussions on things that matter to us.  It provides a voice to those who are voiceless.

Keep a look out for us. There will be things you agree with, things you disagree with and that is all ok.  If at the end of the day asking the curly questions results in one human life improving, then we will be perfectly happy with that outcome!

There are still tickets for September 21 at www.humanpower.com.au love to see you there.