Our Actions Matter

motivation performance reflextion Jan 24, 2021
Our Actions Matter

It can be easy to play small and pretend that nothing that we do has an impact on anyone else around us, doesn’t impact our team and certainly doesn’t effect the organisation that we are a part of.

Sometimes if we are being very passive we can assume that no one notices anything that we do, so why would we even bother?

However, we also notice the person who says one thing but does another. The salesperson who promises you the most amazing experience of buying this house, without mentioning all of the problems with it.

There is a big difference between listening to words and seeing demonstrated action.

What about the Leader who states that there is a focus in the business on Sustainability yet when the question of how we can recycle more comes up, it is an option that is too expensive, so it is not taken seriously.

What about the person sitting on the couch who vows and declares that being healthy is important to them and when you ask the last time that they exercised, they don’t know?
Maybe it is your team leader or supervisor that acts in way that is inconsistent with what they are saying, maybe it is you?

If you think about the way that we generally decide how we feel about people, it is based on what they do for us, to help, to support, to understand, to challenge.

If we think about what many of us believe is successful about ourselves and other people it is often based upon what we think of them according to what they have done.

No matter which way we look at it, actions absolutely matter, actions create our outcomes and our experience of the world. Our actions combined with our team members create the effectiveness of the team. All of the teams actions combined create the organisational culture and the ultimate success of the business.

Be thoughtful, be choosy, be intentional about your actions, the do create a result, try to notice exactly what it is!

We have a program for Leaders in the Professional Services Industry to consider your thoughts, actions and effectiveness.  We would love you to be part of it, please email [email protected] if you’re interested.