focus motivation performance Jun 01, 2023

Focus is a particularly sensitive topic these days as many people, including myself, find it difficult to focus on one thing at one time and complete it from start to finish.

In fact, I would say in my experience, it’s a rare person who can actually do that.

The book Stolen Focus by Johann Hari talks about how our world is not designed for us to focus.

He says our world is designed to tear away our focus, and cites the example of the business models of social media - the more the social media platforms tear away our focus, the more money they make.

We need to put in place systems and processes and techniques in order for us to retain the focus we need to achieve our goals. 

The biggest tip that I'll give you about focus is to find the location that you know you can operate the best in.

If you work best with noise in the background, find that. 

If you're the best with quiet in the background, find that.

Put yourself in a situation where you can focus more and be on an upward spiral.

The opportunity to focus can make or break your organisation’s workplace culture along with many other factors.

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