coaching emotions overwhelm May 15, 2023

Let’s talk about psychological breakthroughs.

When you feel like you have some deep insight into something in the world, an epiphany.

That moment where you have this conceptual and embodied understanding of a particular idea, a concept, a strategy, where all the planets line up and everything comes together and you have a deep level of understanding about something. 

Debrowski's theory talks about how a breakdown usually precedes a breakthrough.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, like everything's too much, you can't make sense out of everything, the upside of that is a breakthrough is likely on the way for you.

Have a think about your life and your world at the moment. 

Is everything going smoothly? 

Are things going exactly how you want them to be?

Are there some bumpy roads?

Have you had some epiphanies about yourself and how you relate to others?

Do some reflection on your own world and what kind of breakthroughs may be coming for you.

One of the best ways to be able to get breakthroughs in your life is by working with a coach. 

At Being More Human we have a whole range of executive coaching, leadership development coaching, and business coaching.

We're always having conversations in an integrated holistic way about the person's life, their experiences, their challenges and also about where the individual wants to go.

What are the goals that you might have set for yourself? What are the actions that you might undertake that you would like to achieve within the next three to six months?

We're always looking at a very forward-focused lens through coaching.

If you're interested in coaching with us, we’d love to hear from you.