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Melenaite Langi

Melenaite is a person who brings light into a situation as she loves talking to everyone around her. She is very approachable and able to have a conversation about anything happening in the world. She is always willing to help and always motivated to understanding a person and their situation and other people's cultures and backgrounds. She believes that there is always something to learn about other people.

Through life so far, Melenaite has volunteered her time through church work by working with people of all ages. Melenaite started volunteering within church work at a young age and has continued this to the present time. She has also a dedicated worker to helping people by working with elders and young adults by being a support worker for their needs and chores around the garden and house.

Melenaite is very team oriented as well as she has excelled in sports groups in primary and high school. Through all of this Melenaite is becoming of the title Social Butterfly as she loves talking and spreading good news around to everyone willing to hear. With her short time with Being More Human, her passion for social media outlets were found and developed to becoming the Social Buttfly she is now.

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