Specialist Facilitation

As people development specialists, our goal is to help you to transform the raw talent and potential of your employees into performance excellence. At times, this may involve challenging and sensitive consultation within the workplace. These sessions are important for helping people to overcome challenges and to find the path to self-awareness and performance greatness.

Our experienced specialist facilitators are well-practiced in sensitively mediating difficult conversations to ensure all voices are heard. Over one or many sessions that are practical, relevant and outcome focused, we will work with the group or individuals involved to facilitate the necessary actions required for your business.

Beyond these sessions, our specialists will also advise you on proactive measures to maintain employee satisfaction and reduce risks of similar situations in the future where possible.

Executive Adventures

Being able to handle a challenging situation or conversation is an influential skill to have at your disposal. We can facilitate executive adventures built on making a purposeful difference in the world through selfless contribution (such as volunteer trips to Cambodia). These adventures are designed to develop your leaders or people, get them out of their comfort zone and encourage meaningful team building, resulting in a greater understanding of other personalities and work styles and stronger culture.

Our specialist facilitation services cover:

  • Executive teams
  • Groups
  • Managers
  • Formal mediation
  • Conferences
  • Executive adventures – custom designed for progressive thinking clients

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