The Thriving Humans Club

A significant personal and professional development opportunity that will enhance your organisation and the humans within it.


Thriving Humans Club is an online curation of inspiring, helpful and motivating content designed to help your humans become the best version of themselves, and help your organisation rise to the next level.

As an organisation, you can expect to see:

An improvement in workplace culture

An increase in staff engagement & productivity

A decrease in staff turnover

As individuals, your humans can expect to experience:

Increased confidence

A deeper understanding of how they fit with the big picture strategy of your organisation

Enhanced personal accountability

What's included in the Thriving Humans Club?

Based on the theoretical framework of the Organisational Culture tool the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) by Human Synergistics, the Thriving Humans Club includes lessons, tools and resources mapped to the four “Blue” styles of thinking that add up to leadership effectiveness and therefore constructive organisational cultures.  

These styles are:

  •  Achievement Thinking: Getting the job done
  •  Self Actualising Thinking: Becoming all you can possibly be
  •  Humanistic-Encouraging Thinking: Coaching and Supporting others
  •  Affiliative Thinking: Building High performing teams


Thriving Humans Club content also aligns with our Thrive Stars key pillars:

  •  Culture

  •  Inclusion

  •  Wellbeing

  •  Productivity

  •  Sustainability

Enjoy unlimited access to content, with new lessons added every month!

The Thriving Humans Club content can be accessed from any device, at any time, from any location with internet access, making it accessible to all staff regardless of their working hours and location.

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Full access to the Thriving Humans Club for 300+ staff members