Human Resource Development Services

Personal, Organisational, and Executive Development Services

Personal Development Training

Our specialised personal development training works with an individual's capabilities and potential, builds human capital, facilitates employability, and enhances the quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

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Organisational Development Services

Our organisational development services will give your humans the self-awareness, focus, and tools and strategies you need to make transformational, sustainable, and positive changes for yourself, your team, and your organisation as a whole.

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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching Services

Challenge your mindset and grow in a supportive yet direct manner with our executive coaching services. Improve your organisational culture and develop your leadership skills with our range of customized training, support, and coaching.

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Executive Coaching
Key Note and Speaking Services

Our Chief Conversationalist, Michelle Crawford is also a Keynote Speaker. She has spoken at dozens of networking, industry-based, conferences, speaking about Mindset, Leadership, Authenticity, Culture, and a range of other topics.

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Executive Coaching
Development Workshops

We have created a range of workshops that cover both professional and personal development subjects. These specialized sessions cover a variety of targeted focus areas, providing individuals the opportunity to work towards their ultimate vision in life.

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Unlocking the Value of Human Potential

Being More Human provides customised support and training packages for organisations as individuals, teams, or as a whole. Our unique and tested approach to human resource development provides a wide range of personal and Organisational benefits like:

  • Better long-term company performance
  • Improved personal effectiveness 
  • Increase in ethical behaviour's
  • Improved employee job satisfaction and performance
  • Improvements in human relations in the workplace
  • Better revenue growth.
  • Job creation
  • Increased stock price

With face-to-face and virtual (online) options available our experienced team of consultants is ready to help your humans find and achieve their true potential.

Whatever your organisation’s needs, if it involves humans we can help!

Strategic Human Resource Development and Training

Our unique and specially developed training and support packages created under the leadership of Michelle Crawford are purposefully designed to adapt to the specific needs of an organisation. We provide the tools to create organisational change, increase performance and productivity, and lower staff turnover. Some examples of our sessions include:

  • The Human Workplace
  • Brave Conversations 
  • HR Compliance for Managers
  • Mental Health Management for Supervisors 
  • The Psychology of Performance
  • Creating Exceptional Teams 
  • Philanthropic Team Building
  • Advanced Customer Service 
  • Peer support for mental health 
  • Managing employees with mental health concerns 
  • Developing an Achievement mindset 
  • Developing Coaching for Performance 
  • Navigating Change and Anxiety 
  • Wellbeing and Performance, the Critical links

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