Organisational Development Services

Organisational Culture and Strategy Development

Organisational culture is intrinsically linked to strategy. Without careful cultivation of culture in an organisation, strategy is rarely implemented successfully. Being More Human provides proven tools and practices to create organisational cultural change. This in turn sets you up to reap the rewards of our custom designed development strategies, tailored for your specific needs.

Organisational Development Consultants

Team Development Coaching

Our team development coaching services will give your people self-awareness, focus, and the tools and strategies they need to make a transformational, sustainable, and positive change for themselves, their team, and their organization.

Specialist Facilitation

Our experienced specialist facilitators are well-practiced in sensitively mediating difficult conversations to ensure all voices are heard. Over one or many sessions that are practical, relevant, and outcome-focused, we will work with the group or individuals involved to facilitate the necessary actions required for your business.

Organisation Culture Inventory

If you want to objectively measure your organization’s culture, this is the way to do it. Culture affects nearly every element of the business and is the one idea that can positively impact all the business metrics. It is measurable, through the Human-Synergistics tool the Organisational Culture Inventory.

Leaders as Coaches

Middle Managers within an organisation are critical to deal with problems and issues at the line level. The more empowered and empowering they are, the better the rest of the workforce performs. This program covers 4 modules around supporting and developing coaching skills as well as the understanding of the Being More Human Mindset Model.

The Human Manager

Our Human Manager workshops are designed to give the leaders and managers in your organisation the tools, confidence, and strengths they need to support and inspire their teams. To empower and encourage every individual to feel motivated to bring their best to work every day. Managers set the tone of culture, you want the best managers possible.

Mediation Services

Our expert mediators provide a highly effective, formal, problem-solving process for humans. It resolves issues between 2 individuals (generally) who have reached an impasse. The individuals sign an agreement at the completion of the mediation process, outlining how they agree to behave with each other.

Keynote Speaking

Our Chief Conversationalist, Michelle Crawford is also a Keynote Speaker. She has spoken at dozens of networking, industry-based, conferences and speaks about Mindset, Leadership, Authenticity, Culture, and a range of other topics.

Team Building

Water for purpose is a team-building exercise, where each team has blindfolded members whilst trying to build a water device. The teams are observed and debriefed and the learning from the exercise is the ingredient for the growth of the team's effectiveness. The device can then be tracked using a specialist URL so that you can see exactly who the recipient family in Uganda or Kenya are. This program is a favorite of all our clients!

What is Organisational Development?

Organisational development is an evidenced-based and structured process, based around organisational effectiveness. Organisational development builds an organisation's capacity to gain greater efficiency and effectiveness by improving its processes, strategies, and structures and improving its ability to adapt to change and overcome difficulties.

By systematically improving an organisation through each of its layers, we are able to create a culture of continuous improvement and alignment around shared goals. This makes, adapting to change easier and faster. By empowering leaders and individual employees we not only enhance the quality and speed of decisions but give leaders more control over results, by giving employees more control over how they do their jobs, which then increases job satisfaction.

What is Organisational Culture?

Organisational culture defines the values, philosophy, expectations, and behaviors of its members. An organisation's culture is based on its written and unwritten rules and its shared attitudes, customs, and beliefs. An organisation's culture is expressed through its self-image, its processes and strategies, its interactions with those around it, and its goals and expectations for the future.

Simply stated, organisational culture is “the way things are done around here” (Deal & Kennedy, 2000).

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