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Kate Bradley

Money Coach

Kate is here to help you with all things money. Working with small businesses as an accountant and advisor for more than 10 years, Kate has significant experience advising on the financial aspects of small business, with particular a focus on optimisation of systems, budgeting, profitability and cash flow management.

Kate is extremely passionate about financial literacy on a both a business and personal level, and strives to empower individuals to take hold of their own financial freedom through education and development.

Passionate about business owners achieving both their business and personal goals, Kate has aided many business owners to understand their financial statements, determine profitability of business lines, as well as develop plans to achieve financial security and success. Kate loves to work with small business owners to ensure that their accounting systems are integrated and optimised, resulting in business owners worrying less about doing the books and allowing them to focus their time on doing what they love.

Kate is a Chartered Accountant, holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, and is a NSW Justice of the Peace.

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