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Guiding you and your business to greater financial literacy, reduced debt, and developing and achieving your money goals

Being More Human Money’s financial coaching excels in empowering people to take control of their financial wellbeing. We help you achieve confidence, clarity, and control over your finances and put you on a path to dreaming bigger and achieving your financial goals. Whether you want to set goals for the future, get your finances in order, or simply pay off your debts - we're here to help.

Kate Bradley

Meet your money coach

Hi, I’m Being More Human’s resident money coach Kate Bradley, a certified accountant of over 10 years, with a passion for teaching financial literacy and genuinely helping people to make better decisions about their money.

In collaboration with Being More Human’s dynamic chief conversationalist Michelle Crawford, we create a passionate and experienced team ready to guide you towards achieving your goals and financial freedom.

Our combined 30 plus years of experience working through the financial issues of businesses of all levels provides us with a vantage point that is hard to replicate. Our energetic, afraid of nothing approach to setting and achieving goals backed by tried and tested financial strategy will put you on the fast track to financial stability, security, and freedom.

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How can a financial coach help you?

Our financial coaching services help individuals and businesses with all things money. We help people get a grip on their finances by teaching them about the basics of budgeting, investing, and debt management as well as how to establish goals for the future and how to be happy in the present.

We pride ourselves on helping people and businesses through all stages of their financial journey. We’ve seen first-hand how a lack of understanding of how to manage money can impact people's businesses and their lives at every level. Were passionate about personally guiding you to a greater level of financial confidence.

Becoming financially literate is like having your very own financial coach inside your head. It will help you make better decisions about your money, continuing to provide a lifelong return on your initial investment.

Business finance coach

Our lead business finance coach Kate Bradley will provide one-on-one help with the money side of your business. Guiding you to learn more about how to fully understand and leverage your financials, how to budget, and a greater understanding of the stages of the cash flow cycle.

Kate will then work with you directly or with small groups of high-level employees on how to prepare budgets, utilise cash flow reporting, and ensure that your accounting, payroll, and point of sale software is set up and working at peak efficiency.

Kate will work with you to set achievable financial goals, giving you the tools and processes to consistently achieve them time and again, long after your coaching sessions have ended.


Personal Finance Coach

Our resident personal finance coach Kate Bradley will empower you to look at your finances from a different point of view. She will guide you in creating a budget that is realistic for your current lifestyle and provide actionable advice on how to better understand and manage your money.

Kate can help you to establish an emergency fund, find ways to reduce any debt that you may have, or teach you how to invest for the future. She can also guide you on how to create a retirement plan so that you know what to do with your money when the time comes.

Once your finances are taken care of you’ll be free to focus on what matters most, pursuing the life you’ve been dreaming of.


With the security of financial freedom born from a holistic rework of your understanding of money, you will be on the path to living your best life.


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Financial Coaching FAQs

What is your mindset towards money?

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