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Executive Business Coaching and Leadership Training

Improve your organisational culture and develop your leadership skills with our range of customised training, support, and coaching.

Executive Coaching

Executives need their Mindset to be challenged and grown in a supportive yet direct manner. Many executives suffer from Wellbeing Challenges that need exploration and action in order to shift the executive to a more holistic perspective of success. Learning to move from the Driver Mindset into the Thriver Mindset through Mindfulness, Meditation and other techniques is critical for the seasoned Executive.

Organisation Culture Inventory

If you want to objectively measure your organisation's culture, this is the way to do it. Culture affects nearly every element of the business and is the one idea that can impact all the business metrics. It is measurable, through the Human-Synergistics tool the Organisational Culture Inventory.

Leadership Development

Leadership is one of the least developed skills in an organization. Leadership is the critical element to a successful organization, investing in your people to increase their capability and capacity in leadership will always give you a superior return on investment. We use Human Synergistic tools, Lifestyles 1 and Lifestyles 2. To see significant change across your organization, you must start with leadership development.

Executive Adventures

What better combination for Leaders to Learn and Develop than a Leadership Adventure, this may be an international trip working on a project doing good for a challenged community, this might be closer to home in the form of a Master-Chef challenge. Whatever it is you can be sure the best skills of experiential learning are deployed to make this a learning experience that everyone will definitely remember. Each Challenge is developed custom-built for your team.

Executive Mentoring

Helping Executives Find and Embrace their Potential!

Strong and effective leadership is integral to the success of any organisation. More than ever we need an experienced and confidential sounding board to reset our mindset, test our decisions, hone and strengthen our performance, manage ourselves and enhance key leadership skills. 

Being More Human's executive mentoring and coaching services provide leaders with a holistic understanding of their leadership strengths and behaviours. Our experienced mentors will explore your challenges, uncover what drives you and provide a greater level of self-awareness.

What Does an Executive Coach do?

An executive coach works with executives and other high potential employees to help them gain self-awareness, clarify their goals, achieve their development objectives and unlock their true potential. Executive coaches provide a confidential and supportive sounding board for their clients to ask questions, have their assumptions challenged, aid in achieving clarity, and provide resources.

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