When Writing Becomes Reality

news Jan 24, 2021
When Writing Becomes Reality

Let's talk about writing.

I really love to write. I don't know about you, but writing for me is very cathartic and very intentional.

It's a very creative experience. I love to sit down on my computer or make handwritten notes in my journal, and I just love to see what emerges from it.

At Being More Human we communicate to thousands of people every fortnight through our mailing list. Along with updates on our upcoming events, opportunities and programs, the main feature of the newsletter is a written piece... you're reading it right now! As you can see, writing is something we are passionate about here at Being More Human.

One of the most powerful and effective forms of writing I have ever experienced is journaling.

I personally journal as a daily practice. Every day I write in my journal, sometimes a small amount like a couple of lines, sometimes I write a whole page or a few pages, I have a beautiful journal which is quite large in size. Essentially, I write whatever I'm motivated to write.

Whether it's a lot or a little, my journaling is now a daily habit and it's one I have been practicing for many years now. I've also developed a habit where once or twice a year, I'll sit down, look back through my journals and read everything that I've written.

What I find to be the most magical is every single time I read through what I've written in my journal, I realise what I've written has actually happened in my life. It has actualised. It came true!

I have a particular style of journaling in that I write in the future tense of my life - the life I want to experience. That's my favourite way of journaling, but there are many different ways that you can journal and each and every way helps you bring about abundance in your life.

It's the ultimate manifestation tool and I highly recommend you try it!

I like to use a journal that makes me want to write in it, like the one pictured.

I love looking at it, writing in, it, touching it! It's such a beautiful journal. It's made of handmade paper with beautiful petals and plants dried into the sheets, and it really draws me to it every morning. I don't have to force myself to sit down and journal because the whole experience is pleasurable.

When I first started journaling, I really didn't know what I was getting myself in for. I had absolutely no idea how it worked, or why it worked. I just believe that it worked because I'd been reading about daily practices of successful people, and one of the practices many successful people seemed to have in common was that they would journal daily, so I decided a few years ago that I would start my own practice of daily journaling, and while I have missed a day here and there, it's always easy to hop back into it.

You may too be feeling called to journal.

If you find yourself wanting more from life but not knowing quite yet what it is exactly that you want, journaling will help.

If you find yourself looking at other people's achievements, advantages and outcomes and want to be part of that too, journaling will help.

Whether you've never journaled before, or you've tried it and had trouble sticking to it or making it work for you, or just want to refresh and to recharge and to get a new perspective on the kind of journaling practice you are doing, I'd love to invite you to journal with me in our online program Journaling for an Abundant Life.

In this program, I walk you through everything you need to get started. I share everything with you, from why journaling is so powerful, to what to actually write when you are first starting out.

Imagine how amazing it will feel this time next year to look back over YOUR journal, read what you have written and realise it manifested for you! It's truly an amazing, magical experience and I can't wait to share it with you.

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I look forward to having you as part of it, and I can't wait to hear about what you create with your own journaling practice.