What Impact Do You Have On Others?

achievement thinker action alignment empowerment mindset positivechange purpose Sep 27, 2021

Stop for a moment and think about the effect that you have on the people around you, and the impact it leaves. We have an innate ability to make someones life better or worse based on our presence.

Something we don’t often think about, but need to be aware of, is that our opinion of others can be seen as if it was written on our forehead. Ultimately, when interacting with someone we should be very mindful about how we interact with them.

You have the ability to purposefully and with intent choose what impact you’re going to have on everyone you encounter daily. The best part of this is that you are able to choose to improve everyone’s life, and make them feel better as a result of interacting with you.

The more optimistic you can be in regards to the interactions you have within your relationships and close connections, the more positively you can impact them. Think about it in relation to the next conversation you think you’ll have, who will you be talking to? What sort of topics will you discuss? What energy will you bring to that conversation? How do you want that person to feel as a result of that conversation?

If you enter that conversation with a positive intention, you’re going to have a positive impact. If you don’t think about the intention, you will have a default impact that won’t always end up being positive.

We have enormous power as human beings and we can use it to have strong, positive and happy interactions with everyone we encounter. The intention we hold when we connect with others is powerful, so challenge yourself to enter with the positive mindset.