May 20, 2022

All humans are inherently valuable. For me, this is an incontestable fact. 

Sadly, as professionals or business owners – we must develop a method to place a monetary value around our time or our services. Maybe it’s an hourly or daily rate. Perhaps we compare our actions to others in the industry, and benchmark against them, even when we’re not offering the exact same value. Assigning value is a very difficult topic.

When I’m coaching someone, we discuss a range of issues, and often we’ll develop ideas for my client to implement in their business or life.  Implementing this action could save them a significant amount of money, boost their business income, improve their relationship with their staff – the outcomes are endless. But the actual value to my client might be $100, or it might be $1,000,000. All from a single coaching session with me.

This is why I focus so much on education – so that people can learn the lessons, and then implement them across more than just one aspect of their life.

If you’d like to learn a whole range of things about value and about mindset, about ways you can save money, ways that you can reduce your debt and also increase your income – then my coming workshop is for you. It’s being held in Tuggerah down on the Central Coast, on 30th of May. Tickets are excellent value at just $50 – you never know what improvements you’ll make as a result of this workshop!

Click the link to access booking details, or feel free to send me a private message if you'd like some more information.