Taking a 360 look at the role of energy

energy event onlinecourse personaldevelopment summit superhuman Apr 04, 2021

We are SO excited to launch the Energy series of the Superhuman Summit and we hope you love it!

You might have joined one of our summits last year or you might be new to our community and if so a huge, warm welcome to you! 

We are so glad to have you on board. 

Our next summit is all about energy. 

What is energy?

The simplest definition of the focus for this summit will be on all elements of energy, where energy comes from, what it does, its purpose and how it can be used.

We will be taking a 360 look at the role of energy in our lives and the importance of understanding its contribution to who we are.

In learning how energy affects us, appreciating its significance, and managing your own energy, you will be able to leverage the role of energy in your own life. These are superhuman powers that help us to level up - to enhance our contribution to the world - to be the change we wish to see!

We have created this summit because we want to transform as many humans as possible into superhumans!

Energy can be seen as a cosmic concept but simply put energy is "the ability to do work".

Energy is how things change and move. It's everywhere around us and takes all sorts of forms.

It takes energy to cook food, to drive to school, and to jump in the air. Different forms of energy.

If you have an interest in energy, in the way it operates and how to leverage it, how it affects the entire world around us, then this is an event for you not to miss.

We also wanted to bring your attention to our limited time offer to sign up for the Superhuman Experience online course for $500 instead of $750! 

This is a special summit offer that will expire soon. 

The Superhuman Experience will show you how to tap into your own inner superhuman so you begin to feel a greater sense of alignment, bringing ease and flow and less struggle in life.

Take your Superhuman Summit experience one step further and deep dive into what it means to live a more conscious life.

Becoming more conscious in your life is all about how you use your personal human power.

The power that is, not force.

Force always needs to push against something whereas power does not.

Power is total and complete and comes from within.

Power gives life and energy.

Force takes these away.

Find your power.