Sneaking Up

acceptance connection Jan 24, 2021
Sneaking Up

Sometimes you can experience belonging the most, when it is snuck up on you, when you have been going about your daily experience and not really focusing to much on it.  It can be an unexpected reason that inspires you to see if in fact you belong.

If it is in a group or a paid group that you have in common, very often the belonging comes as a default.  That is quite different to the kind of belonging that you opt in to. The kind where you have sought it out and chosen to opt in.

This week I have been going over my Facebook groups and determining which ones of them I truly feel as though I belong in.  I have opted out of many based on this criterion.  If it is a group that I feel I can post pretty much what I am thinking about a topic on any day and it will get interaction, then they make the cut.

If it is one where I either must edit what I want to write extensively or only jump into it every so often to see what is happening, then that tells me it is not for me.  I am hoping that people can apply this to our Being More Human Circle Facebook group

Please ask to join, if and only if you are after a feeling of belonging.  I think that we do that well in this group, it is a little bit of social media real estate that has true soul!!  If you love it, please feel free to share it.  If not, you are free to jump out!  I woud never want to be hosting a group that people were reluctantly in.  We would rather have less people in the group that love it, than more who are very half hearted about it.