Seven Ways in Seven Days Challenge

advice Jul 04, 2021

What is Being More Human Money you ask? We are expanding the Being More Human brain to help you change your money mindset and improve how you see and generate income.

We are in the early stages and talking about all the different services that we can offer small businesses. We are also looking at all the ways in which we can offer support, and we couldn’t be more excited!

One of our first initiatives is the Seven Ways in Seven Days challenge (because honestly, who doesn’t love a challenge!).

In this challenge we are going to give you seven ways to improve your revenue, which will help improve your profit and increase your business income.

We know that the common goal most businesses have is to generate a profit. Our goal is to establish why a business may not be generating a profit within their business, and develop a strategy to turn that around!

There are a couple of common reasons why people aren’t making money in their business. The first is that they are not charging enough, and this is what we will address in day one. On this first day we will look at what the rest of your industry charges and compare your business to them.

People have funny feelings about themselves and their value, and can easily get trapped inside of their own self-perception around what they’re charging. What we know through our own personal experience is that we want to teach participants that when you are doing something that has an impact on others lives, you don’t know the worth it has to that person.

For example, one conversation might give them a tip that helps expand their knowledge towards something, or your advice might save them $20,000, or perhaps it changes a relationship you’re not aware of. The point is, you never truly know the value you’re passing on.

The challenge has an entry fee of $20 per person, and once confirmed a link to our Facebook group will be sent to your email. The challenge will be run directly through Facebook each day for seven days and at the end of the seven days we have a $200 prize for the person that has increased their income the most!

That simple $20 entry fee will allow you to learn the seven ideas you can implement immediately to change the cash flow of your business and increase profit.

We will also be open to anyone with questions and they can be sent directly through to Kate via DM. We cant wait to see you inside the challenge!

- Michelle Crawford