Just do it

action advice business leadership teams Feb 18, 2021

Today's article is about one of the best piece of advice that I've ever been given about a business, and that piece of advice that I've been given is 'Just Do It'. The person who told me was a very successful business person, they're very kind, they're very focused, they got it there and made it all happen. But they didn't sit around wondering, they didn't sit around in this kind of fear, or in this panic or in this 'What if' world, or in this protest procrastination kind of space, they literally just did it. So I really took a leaf out of that book. That's the way that I approached my business Being More Human and I know that there have been many, many situations that I've had in my business where I could have suffered from analysis paralysis, and I could have waited for too long.

I'll use some examples; One of the probably the best example is when I've been going about building my team. So I have a team of 10 people and when I started, of course, I had none and now I've built up to 10. One of the key aspects of building a successful team has been, for me, to do it before I'm ready. So it's not even just do it, it's just doing it before you're ready. So before you get that feeling that you've dotted all your i's and crossed all your T's, you jump in, you make that decision, you engage with that person and bring them onboard into my team. I have to say this has been a really successful way for me to build a team. 

Obviously, it doesn't always work that way but mostly life rewards you when you take action and I can tell you that there's a lot more business people around the place, because they come to me for coaching. There are many more business people around the place that are not taking the action, that they're sitting back, and they are waiting, and they're wanting to get all their ducks in a row. They're wanting things to be exactly right and for things to be picture perfect before they take the action. The problem with that is by the time you take that action, someone else besides you has taken it six months ago, so you miss your opportunity, or they bring something to market that you could have otherwise bought something to market. So that view of reality, you know, getting in there and just doing it is such great advice when it comes to business.