How are you showing up?

mindset Jan 24, 2021
How are you showing up?

We know that human beings can be the most fascinating of creatures, we also know that they can be the most fickle of creatures at the same time. What is the difference though, what makes someone show up in a way that is fascinating and someone else show up in way that is fickle? There are probably a range of answers for this, but ours is Mindset.

The Being More Human Mind (re)set Model has 5 stages;

The Sufferer Mindset – this is from someone who often has a history of complex trauma and they have learned over a series of events to become helpless. They think that they are not the cause or the effect of anything in their own lives. Often bitter and resentful.

The Survivor Mindset – this is like the equivalent of a person who has survived a trauma, such as domestic violence. They have shown their bravery by leaving the situation they are in, but are still angry and feel defined by the past

The Passenger Mindset – this is the average workplace employee, the one who will do be a good follower but will not want to do anything innovative or extra in their role. The bare minimum and not causing any kind of a fuss but blending in is what they are good at.

The Driver Mindset – this is the hustle, push, make it happen Mindset. People in this one will seem outwardly successful but only in a one-dimensional way. They will not live a holistic life and will often have their lives skewed toward work and what they have achieved as it defines them.

The Thriver Mindset – this Mindset is the one where people believe in cause and effect, they believe that their thoughts and their beliefs create their reality. They are adept at changing those thoughts and beliefs to give themselves a more constructive version of how things are in their world.

People can show up in all of these different Mindsets, you can be one Mindset in relation to work, another Mindset in relation to your home life and another in relation to your spiritual life. You can also move quickly between the Mindsets, particularly if you are utilising a therapeutic modality that allows you to move.

Mindset drives the way you show up everywhere. Work, Career, Finances, Health & Wellbeing, Spirituality, Relationships and your Environment. The Being More Human Impact Indicator can measure this as a baseline and retest after a series of training or therapeutic intervention. To determine what the effectiveness of the intervention has been.

It is incredibly powerful to be able to measure this as traditionally there is no effective way to determine Return On Investment for a training initiative or to determine if the modality of your choice is actually creating the change that you desire, moving you from Sufferer through to Thriver Mindset.

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