Head, Heart and Gut Decisions

connection Jan 24, 2021
Head, Heart and Gut Decisions

There are numerous ways to look at the topic of connection.  This one today is about the connection that we make between our heads and our hearts. Internally within ourselves in order to determine how we then operate in the external world.

We often find in organisations that leaders can be very disconnected from themselves and certainly from their feelings.  When you’re in a role that requires you to constantly focus on risk, outcome, logic, deliverables, it can be easy for this kind of thinking to almost overtake how and what you do every day.

There are plenty of workplaces where it is like there are heads walking around without any body or heart, some people are so disconnected from these elements of each other that it does not give rise to sound decision making.  To make a truly aligned, holistic decision, it requires thinking, feeling in your heart and tuning in with your gut.

Eastern wisdom teaches us that to make a truly effective decision, we often sense something in our gut, feel it in heart and check that it is right with our heads.  This, places the focus of decision making in a different location in our bodies than how many of us have been taught, trained and operate daily basis.

I’m in no way saying that the answer is to not think.  I am saying that the feeling part of who we are needs to be more present in our decisions.  I am also saying that trusting our intuition through-out the process is a critical part to utilising all our bodily intelligence.  Organisations and individuals every day are tasked with taking some tough decisions, some of them have a big impact on people.  Both other people and themselves.

The power of using all our body (gut, heart and mind) to make holistic decisions can feel odd at first, it can feel different to what we are used to, however what we can be assured of is that engaging our feeling part of who we are will provide so many advantages to ourselves, our relationships and our workplaces.  Where can you be more connected today in your decision making?