Harmony Day 2019 – How tragedy influences humanity

acceptance connection reflextion Jan 24, 2021
Harmony Day 2019 – How tragedy influences humanity

This year is the 20th anniversary of Harmony Day. How’s the timing? We certainly need more harmony.

Now we don’t want to get all political here, as this is not the place for that.

However, we do want to recognise the tragedy that has taken place and has brought upon terrible fear and sadness to our neighbours in New Zealand, and even more broadly speaking to the world.

It’s safe to say the world has been grieving this terrible event that has taken many innocent lives.

This might make you question, what is happening to the world? Or how can we respond to such a disaster?

We can respond with humanity first and foremost.

In alignment with Harmony Day, we have found an inspirational story that exemplifies the meaning of harmony and belonging.

Tory Dravitzki, New Zealand born, and Gold Coast resident took the time out of his day to visit his local mosque and deliver flowers, in light of the recent events. He said “I’ve never been to a mosque… I don’t want them to feel scared… I want them to know people care. I hope that other people come down.”

This is a remarkable display of empathy, respect and humanity that we can all learn from.

Here we can see how one individual’s actions can have a significant impact through one small act of kindness. That bunch of flowers could have impacted many who then visited the mosque, a symbol that speaks volumes, and to know that the local community stands with them.

In light of these events, we wish to encourage you to wear orange this week; orange represents social communication, meaningful conversations, and the freedom of ideas and mutual respect.

Let’s make a statement.

Let’s support freedom of ideas and encouragement of mutual respect.

Let’s empower others to follow in the steps of Tory through our own actions.

Let’s find ways to show support that is genuine, authentic and from the heart.

Australia and our neighbours across the sea, New Zealand, are both known for being multicultural countries whose strength is cultural diversity.

Play your part today in creating more harmony for tomorrow.

We encourage you to connect on social with the following hashtags:

  • #HarmonyWeek
  • #EveryoneBelongs
  • #theyareus