Deep Connection

acceptance gratefulness mindset perpose Jan 24, 2021
Deep Connection

Humans thrive on connection. 

Loneliness or lack of connection is one of the biggest social issues that we must grapple with.  Particularly as lack of connection in many instances correlates to higher levels of addiction.

Connection helps people to feel as though they belong somewhere in society, it makes them feel as though they matter and dramatically enhances feelings of wellbeing and good health.

Disconnection happens for a range of reasons not least of which are the deep feelings of shame, fear and self-hatred that some individuals feel or have learned since they were kids.

The process of moving through those feeling and learning to love and connect with ourselves is a lifelong effort. How effectively we can do this leads to how successfully we can contribute to those around us and how kind and compassionate we can feel to others.

Connecting to ourselves is a journey into our personal abyss that some people choose not to take.  Connecting with ourselves can make it so much easier to then connect with other humans as we can understand and show empathy.

Connecting with others requires intent and a conscious decision for us to go outside of ourselves and make someone else’s life better through our efforts to connect.

Without it the richness of life, the joy of a constructive family, the pleasure of life long friends and general happiness would not be felt.