May 16, 2022

Sometimes, our concern for the tangible can get in the way of how we live our lives.

Our worry, stress and panic about our money (or other issues) can prevent us from enjoying the beauty that’s all around us. It narrows our view to where we no longer notice, or are grateful for the beautiful humans that enter or leave our lives.

So naturally, I’d like to improve this situation for you!

I’m running a Workshop in Tuggerah on May 30th – we’ll be learning a whole range of tips and tricks regarding how to save money, how to make more money, how to look at different investments.  While we will focus on your money, we’ll also be focused on your mindset. Because your mindset is actually the biggest part of your money. The mindset is the biggest part of your relationship that you have with money. And your mindset is the biggest element that determines whether or not you're successful with money.

The link here has more details – tickets are just $50!