Authenticity - Mindset

acceptance mindset Jul 12, 2021

Authenticity is about being yourself, even when you are connecting with people around you. It is when you hide your feelings that you risk losing your authenticity.

Take a moment to think about yourself and how you interact with those around you at home, in your workplace, with family and even with your partner. Look back over the times you have interacted with your workmates or family, did you tell them everything you were feeling? Were there times where you only told them a little bit of what was going on? Perhaps there were times where you chose to hide your feelings entirely so that you didn’t risk making anyone feel uncomfortable?

If this resonates with you, start with one person you are close to. Open up to them and be completely honest with them about how you’re feeling. All it takes is just one person on your side to help you feel more confident speaking with those around you.

We have this notion that if we share 'hard' things with others, that they too then would be brought down and made to feel bad. This is the most common way that we are inauthentic with those around us.

When you don’t give those around you all of the information, they are unable to respond appropriately. They are also unable to help you and in return are likely to give you unhelpful information. By definition, you have created an inauthentic connection as both parties are not discussing what is truly being felt.

Expressing how you truly feel is not a talent that many people succeed at without practice, but it is important to constantly challenge our mindset. Suppressing our emotions only leads to a lack of authentic connections and when we are closed off we place ourselves at risk of not only feeling depressed, but physically unwell.

If you can relate to this and feel drawn to work on your authenticity, or maybe you recognise this trait within someone and want to do more for them, we are here to help.

It's time to introduce your authentic self to the world!