Action Creates Confidence

Sep 13, 2021

Let’s have a little conversation about confidence.

It is very common to go through life not feeling like a confident person. We see it regularly with clients that we work with in our coaching program.

This could be because they aren’t comfortable around specific people, or it’s a reflection of other challenges they have faced that holds them back.

The thing everyone has in common in these conversations we have is how action creates confidence. Imagine being someone with no confidence, what are you going to do? Nothing. By definition, lacking confidence means no action will be taken in that moment.

Do you wait around for that feeling of confidence to hit? This is the key to it all though, we will feel most confident after we have taken action, it’s that first step which changes everything.

The most confident people are the action takers, because the key to confidence is feeling the fear and taking that first step regardless. No matter how you’re feeling about the task or action at hand, the moment you take action your confidence will grow and your ability to focus on the next step becomes easier.

Aligned action means you’re taking the steps you need to take, in a manner that matches your values, beliefs and behaviours. The more you take aligned action, the more you build up your confidence by default. One day, you will wake up and be able to start each day with this feeling of confidence and accomplish every task on your list.

An example of gaining confidence through action from my own personal experience was three years ago when I decided to start live streaming on Facebook. I scheduled the task into my calendar to do it in two weeks’ time, and one day I woke up and decided it was ridiculous to wait two weeks and I started that day. Reflecting on that moment, I have live streamed almost every day since then.

From here, I encourage you to work out what your aligned actions are, and start taking each step towards your goal. Watch your confidence grow as a result! Remember, all it takes is that one first step.