2022 Wellbeing Webinar Series

Helping you discover a new way to move in the positive direction that you really deserve!

Rediscover ways to bring  happiness, prosperity, and focus back into your daily life.

This Series is a collaboration between our very own Michelle Crawford, and the dream team Garth & Susie from Wellbeings and Co  

2022 Wellness Webinar Schedule

A Healthy Mind

The first step to a New You! Practical tips to encourage an easy integration of both your work and personal life.

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Real Relationships

Enabling a culture of connection and support through improved communication and interpersonal skills for life.

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Seeds to Self-Management

Developing a non-judgemental attitude to creating healthy, sustainable habits and life choices for ourselves.

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Being Focussed Will Free You Up

Exploring circuit breakers that drive decisions due to a better perspective and a mind freed up of clutter and worries.

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Eat and Grow Fit

Bringing fun and enjoyment back into movement and exercise, with easy, sustainable ways to close the gap between what we eat, and what we should be eating

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Being Soul-full

Giving yourself the time and space to just be, while taking a commonsense approach to connecting to the things which enrich us beyond just the physical.

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Valuing Life

Getting back to the basics of where our beliefs come from and to the heart of what’s truly important to us now.

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Foundations to Stability

Building strong foundations creates strength and stability and leads us down the road to resilience no matter what the external environment.

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The Way to Sustain

Understanding the nature of change and harnessing the power to choose to let go of what no longer serves you.

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2022 Wellbeing Webinar Series

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The Way to Being Well

You will be focusing on your individual mind health throughout the course, a unique and non-judgemental approach, so be yourself and be honest and have some fun along the way.

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A Healthy Mind

This program will help any individual build self-awareness, encourage self-confidence, and is a proven stress management tool.

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